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Sanatan Siddhashram
Retreats & Immersions

West Bengal, India*


Baul Gyān Darpan

Gyan Darpan 2023

24 February - 2 March 2023
at Sanatan Siddhashram

Baul Gyān Darpan 2023 is a 7-day retreat that offers the opportunity for participants to learn songs from Baul Masters and soak in their music, wisdom and experience.

It is a fully immersive retreat, with full-time sessions with Parvathy Maa and the other Baul Masters each day.

You will learn songs and their meaning, practice dance and movement, and other guided practices. There will also be satsang each evening.

Ishta Dhyāna

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Mā Durga Dhārana

10 - 14 March 2023
at Sanatan Siddhashram

Ishta Dhyāna is an immersive sadhana initiative, where participants will be guided to learn certain basic steps of worshipping one's Ishta Devata, i.e the deity with whom one intends to build a deeper connection.

Mā Durga Dhārana enables the participant to undertake basic sadhana of Mā Durga under the guidance of senior sadhaks. Though Dhārana is very practice oriented, it will allow ample scope for interaction with the senior sadhaks to understand various nuances of Sadhana.

Details of Sadhaks facilitating Sadhana: 

Sri Rajarshi Nandy

is an sadhaka whose path is associated with tantric upasana of The Divine Mother. He is also a author and columnist on several topics related to Indian religious and spiritual thought.

He has helped co-author a paper exploring the links between Tantra and Modern Neuroscience which was published in Neurology India.

He manages a popular Facebook page on Hindu spirituality named Adhyatmikta.

Sri Ramachandra Roddam

is an Sadhaka of the Divine Mother. He is an invited faculty who teaches on Indian Spirituality, Yoga and Sadhana.

He is the author of the book Devi Bhakti Tarangini, which is a devotional offering of English poems to the Supreme Goddess.

Currently he is rendering Seva at Sanatan Siddhashram, a traditional Gurukul for the ancient Baul tradition located in Birbhum district, West Bengal.

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