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RETREATS 2022 & 2023

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at Sanatan Siddhashram
& Online

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Ongoing Projects
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Next generation Baul

Sanatan Siddhashram aims to build and support next generation Baul practitioners through a systematic effort.


It is a long, extensive task. The idea is to identify younger children within Baul communities who aspire to take up this spiritual path.


The Gurukul at Sanatan Siddhashram aims to help them secure modern education while practising the traditional path. Some nascent steps have been taken up in this direction. 


The Gurukul will house an archive accessible to all, including collections already gathered in many different countries over time, to preserve the memories of the Gurus of the Baul tradition.

This space will also serve as memorial centre remembering some of the great Baul masters and documenting their yeoman service to the tradition and the humanity at large.

There will also be an archive of the history of Baul in undivided Bengal.


The archive will include not just literature, but instruments and practices related to Baul which can be used in everyday teaching and learning.

It is meant to be a space that keeps safe the practices that are being lost in modern times. Suitable practice spaces will be designed to keep the practice alive. 


We regularly hold yoga, crafts design, art and music camps for village community children to spread awareness of the Baul tradition and its practice.


Subarna Bal Hriday


Ekathara Kalari has been offering regular free Ayurvedic medical camps for Baul Masters and the village community of all ages.


We have also started planting a herbal medicine garden and envisages to create a herbal medicine learning, preservation and treatment center at Sanatan Siddhashram.


We conduct a ritualistic age-old tradition of nourishing the village community by offering sacred prasad to thousands of families once a year.

Prana Pushti

We do organic farming to become sustainable and self-reliant with our food.

It is also intended to increase environmental as well as physical knowledge and to encourage the traditional intuitiveness of Indian farmers.

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