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Sanatan Das Baul


Sanatan Das Baul, Parvathy Baul’s Guru, once told her of his vision of an Ashram.

He recognised that the spiritual and performative aspects of Baul were not receiving the rigour and honour due to a practice that is developed with discipline slowly over a long term.

He felt the need to document the oral tradition which is widely known as ‘Baul’. 

Sanatan Baba observed that people often perceive the Sadhana (practise) as a different entity from the performances.

He idealised a place for Bauls during tough times; a shelter to protect the ancient wisdom and carry it forward into the modern context of the upcoming centuries.

Laying the Foundation

Parvathy Baul promised her guru that she would fulfil his wish, and this has today manifested as ‘Sanatan Siddhashram’.


‘Sanatan’ denotes the eternal or the truth, whereas ‘Siddha’ means perfection.The name Sanatan Siddhashram came from the Master himself.


Sanatan Siddhashram is an eternal, complete space for Sadhana. It is both an Ashram and a Gurukul, a space to receive learning from the Guru.


The land for Sanatan Siddhashram was acquired recently, after a long search, in January 2017, and work began after the Bhumi Puja – the ground-breaking ceremony in June 2017. 


Sanatan Siddhashram Bhumi Puja

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Sanatan Siddhashram follows the Gurukul system, different from a typical centre or institution.


Baul practice is a spiritual art form that involves intricacy, methodology, yoga and devotion (Bhakti). It can be learnt through the ancient ways of acquiring knowledge, in closeness to nature.


The affinity (Sannidhya) with the Guru, staying and sharing times together is central to the learning. This works to prepare the next generation in a methodical way.


Working with the four layers of the human body is only possible in a Gurukul. With this methodical practice, every generation ‘becomes knowledge’ in order to create the New.

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