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Bhairava Dhārana

1st-3rd February 2024

in-person sadhana retreat

Venue: Sanatan Siddhashram

in Birbhum, West Bengal (India)

(paid program) 


no online component

Bhairava Dharana is a three-day sadhana retreat designed to help participants learn about the basics of bhairava upasana.

Worship of Bhairava has remained integral to ancient Shaiva and Shakta traditions.

Bhairava is popularly recognised as protector deity, however, in essence He is much more than that.

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Details of Sadhaka facilitating Sadhana: 

This program is designed and facilitated by a seasoned Sadhaka to ensure an immersive learning experience. 

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Sri Rajarshi Nandy

is an sadhaka whose path is associated with tantric upasana of The Divine Mother. He is also a author and columnist on several topics related to Indian religious and spiritual thought.

He has helped co-author a paper exploring the links between Tantra and Modern Neuroscience which was published in Neurology India.

He manages a popular Facebook page on Hindu spirituality named Adhyatmikta.

To apply

Registration process will have a few questions which are essential to be answered.

There will be shortlisting process to ensure that program meets its objective. 

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