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Retreats December 2024

at Sanatan Siddhashram - Parvathy Baul Ashram, West Bengal


1 - 5 December 2024
(5 days)

Taught and guided exlusively by Parvathy Baul


We always receive this question from seekers:

"How do we, in the modern day world, conceptualise and implement spiritual practise on a day-to-day basis, so that it can become an anchor in our daily life?"

In Sānnidhyam retreat, you will spend 5 days exclusively with Parvathy Maa, who will guide us into daily spiritual practise. She will also give insights into Baul philosophy and practise.

In Parvathy Maa's 3 previous Sannidhyam retreats, we meditated, we sang, we started freeing our bodies by practising movements. We chanted Harinaam throughout the villages for an experience of sacred Madhukori, practised hatha yoga and pranayama, learned to offer bhog (blessed food) to Gopal, the Gurus and the Divine in us.

We sat together in satsang, asked our many questions, received guidance for our daily spiritual practise, and most of all, we got touched by the depth and beauty of the daily life of a Baul, living it for some days in the close proximity of Parvathy Maa.

This is the only retreat exclusively guided and taught by Parvathy Maa.

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Gopi Bhav Darpan
8 - 10 December 2024
(3 days)

Retreat with Parvathy Baul and

Female Baul Masters 


You will immerse yourself with Gopi Bhāv - "the highest example of devotion and surrender to the Supreme Lord." With Parvathy Baul and female Baul Masters for 3 days.

We might or might not learn a song from some of the female Masters. The emphasis of this retreat is on immersing in satsang of the female Baul Masters, hearing and witnessing how they live their entire lives in Gopi Bhav.

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Baul Gyān Darpan 
13 - 17 December 2024
(5 days)

Retreat at Sanatan Siddhashram


An intensive 6-day retreat to receive and practise teachings from Baul Masters, get insights into the spiritual Baul path, and bask in the positivity of their presence.

We will have practise classes and satsangs from early morning till late in the evening, with breaks in between. 

Baul Gyan Darpan is an intensive retreat, it requires a deep commitment to do spiritual work during the time we spend together. 

The retreat is hosted and held by Parvathy Baul. Other Baul Masters who are closely associated with Parvathy Maa and Sanatan Siddhashram will conduct song- and movement practise sessions. We will have satsangs with Baul Masters in the evenings. 

There will be sessions on songs and their poetry, singing, movement, satsangs, question - answer and more. 

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